About Us

the base mentality

We believe that artistic expression has the power of bringing the feelings that hide behind the silence of each one of us and, therefore, change the entire world.

In our point of view, because everyone has feelings, everyone is an artist and our mission is to help people developing that side of them and being able to make a living out of it if they wish to.

For us, art is any vehicle that one finds to express his/hers feelings: that could be poetry, painting, music, dancing, photography, filmmaking or even just a conversation. And the best artist is the one who can make his life a masterpiece.

Our Team

Silentium Project is currently based in Portugal and its team is constituted by 10 members from many different nacionalities (6 to be exact).

Our Team is leaded by Martinho Cruz, the Owner and Founder, who is directly assisted by Beatriz Aranha. Then we have Diogo Pinheiro and Leonor Ferreira, who are responsable for the contents we produce, namely the ones that are produced for the works sent on the Submission Program. We also have Marya Layth, Calí Boreaz, Pavle Marinkovic and Scott Danzig on the Coaching Staff. And finally, we can count on Francis Jorge Asilum (from Codevidia) as the main Video Editor.

From inside this group, there were won many awards and distinctions such as a published book entering Brazilian literary selections, a prize from “World’s Best Photographers”, “Best Short Horror” award from NY Short Film Festival and many more.

Martinho Cruz

Owner & Founder

Beatriz Aranha

Admnistrative Assistant

Pavle Marinkovic

Music Coach

Marya Layth

Poetry Coach (ENG)

Calí Boreaz

Poetry Coach (PT)

Scott Danzig

Filmmaking Coach

Diogo Pinheiro

Content Team

Leonor Ferreira

Content Team

Francis Asilum

Main Video Editor

Our Work Process
In order to complete our ultimate mission of helping people bringing their feelings to life through artistic expression of any form, we work by a 3-step process, so that we can succeed in making a pro out of any beginner:
1. Inspire
Through live events and social media, we intend to inspire everyone to use art of any kind to bring their feelings to life. We use to say “If you have feelings, you’re an artist”.
2. Teach
Nobody is born knowing how to properly do everything. Therefore, once somebody has been inspired to express himself artistically, we are the ones who are going to teach him/her how to create like a pro, with individual guidance by one of our Coaches.
3. Launch
We give the ones who already know how to create, coming from our Coaching services or not, the push they needed to start making a living out of it –  we create beautiful content (image or video) for the work submitted through the Submission Progam to enhance any poem or song, give detailed feedback and, if we accept the submission, we also give people a feature on our social media platforms, reaching thousands of new people. This is the push any amateur artist craves for to make a career out of their artistic expression!
how it all started

 Launching of Silentium Project happened on February 16th, 2019 but our story had already started by then, because before being anything else, Silentium Project was an idea – a special one. And it was on the 13th of December 2017, on one young man’s moment of inspiration – Martinho Cruz, our Founder – that this idea came to life… On an afternoon of powerful emotions, Martinho instictively started writing his feelings on a paper for the first time, and realized that by doing so he was able to express thoughts and feelings like never before, just like an awakening to something really special.

This discovery made him want to get more people to bring their feelings to life (not only with writing, but with any other type of art form).

Therefore, after long months of hard work preparing the launch of such an ambitious platform, with the goal of helping everyone transforming their own silence into something real, he created Silentium Project as a vehicle to do so.

active period impact
Even though we started recently, we managed to get our idea to thousands of people around the world, not only inspiring them to express themselves and never let their feelings stuck behind the silence, but also helping many writers, musicians, filmmakers, photographers and others getting better and make a living out of they do.

Despite that, we continue to give our best everyday, so that we can grow a movement of transparent communication in global society through art creation and consequently change the world, 1 person at a time.