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✏️Writing/Poetry in English

✏️ Writing and Poetry in English

Language(s) Available: English
3 Month Plans (Renewable): Economic, Professional and Premier

About Marya: Marya Layth is a poet, visual artist, and recreational fantasy writer from New Jersey, USA, who has amassed over 8k followers on her poetry social platforms. Many literary journals have nominated her poems for Best of the Net and the Pushcart Prize. She also was chosen as a finalist in the Write Bloody Publishing contest for her poetry collection ‘Driftwood’. 

✏️Writing/Poetry in Portuguese

Calí Boreaz

✏️ Writing and Poetry in Portuguese

Language(s) Available: Portuguese
3 Month Plans (Renewable): Economic, Professional and Premier

About Calí: Calí Boreaz is a Portuguese Brazilian poet, actress, playwright and translator living in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Apart from receiving several distinctions from literary journals with her books “Outono Azul a Sul” and “Tesserato”, she has done dozens of spoken poetry shows in venues of different countries.

🎵 Music

Pavle Marinkovic

🎵 Music, Singing and Songwriting

Language(s) Available: English, Spanish, Serbian
3 Month Plans (Renewable): Economic, Professional and Premier

About Pavle: Pavle Marinkovic is a Serbian-Chilean singer, songwriter, composer, violinist, keyboardist and co-founder of Music Bit Store. He’s got a Masters degree in Film Score from the Music University of Catalunya, in Barcelona. Pavle has produced 5 records since 2012 and is currently in charge of the Music and Neuroscience Department of the audio branding firm Sounditi. 

📸 Photography

Wilco Westerduin

📸 Photography

Language(s) Available: English, Dutch
3 Month Plans (Renewable): Economic, Professional and Premier

About Wilco: Wilco Westerduin is a photographer from The Netherlands, an expert on landscape photography. He has released 2 books, “Planet Basque” and “Abandoned Pyrenees” and his works are exposed in many places of all around the world. Wilco has won multiple awards, like the Prix Zigor, the Gallery Choice Award  by Kujaja or the Best Landscape Award by IFAM, for example.

🎥 Filmmaking

Scott Danzig

🎥 Filmmaking and Cinema

Language(s) Available: English
Coaching Plan: 30min Online Video Meetings

About Scott: Scott Danzig is a photographer and cinematographer from Pennsylvania, USA. He is the mastermind behind ‘Sneaky Ghost Films‘. the Short Horror Film company. One of Scott’s most remarkable work is ‘Toddler Tartare‘ (2018), which got him to win awards like the Action Film Award by the NY Horror Film Festival and the Jury Prize of the Blackbird Film Festival.

💡 Find Your Path

Martinho Cruz

💡 Find Your Artistic Path

Language(s) Available: English, Portuguese
Coaching Plan: 30min Online Video Meetings

About Martinho: Martinho Cruz is a young entrepreneur, public speaker and writer from Portugal. He started Silentium Project on February 2019 with the main goal of helping people express themselves through art creation and has managed to help thousands of people and have a multinational team to work towards that goal. 

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