Making Ends Meet

by | Sep 23, 2020 | Articles

Like the sound of a certain object or movement not making a noise, you always see me there and you believe I’m alright. Months pass, and even if you don’t hear from me, you think I’m brilliant and have no problem keeping the distance ’cause you know I’m finding a way to entertain myself with some capitalist endeavour that preaches socialist ideas just to become closer to the final goal –

– I’ll take a degree, wear a luminescent suit, come back to a luminescent house and greet a luminescent of a wife and maybe talk about the adventures I had as a kid while I was seeking to be free with an orange team that saw the answer to everything on the most beautiful artistic expressions.


Yeah, my project is fading away, but I still have some tricks up my sleeve.


I’ve been falling deeper and deeper into my consciousness and now I need to hear advice from my 17 year old self on how to behave so that people can still keep thinking I’m among them. But the dream never died.

And even knowing that I might be writing this for nobody to pay attention to the meaning to my words, I’ll still use this as a letter to myself – fuck, even if it’s on some organized way to let the second attempt of a relaunch begin.

The clock counts down until March and the team is building to form a nice group that actually works with artists who want help instead of the quick satisfaction of a new t-shirt. Surely there’s a way to lead people to acknowledge quality through humility without dirty tactics along the way.

🔸 I still see you on the back of a black jeep going up the second mountain and going on a journey to find the third and fourth elsewhere just for the fun of searching with wild souls like us.


‘Cause the ends will meet eventually.
And this road will end.
The music will be silent.
The memories will turn to ash.
The meaning will stop existing.


, I just hope to make them meet beautifully.

About Martinho

Martinho Cruz is a young entrepreneur, public speaker and writer from Portugal. He started Silentium Project on February 2019 with the main goal of helping people express themselves through art creation and has managed to help thousands of people and have a multinational team to work towards that goal. He tries to make his life a masterpiece, filled with infinite emotions, and he sees art as his soul’s fuel to do so
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