My World – Last Episode

This is it! The last episode of “Quarantine as an Artist” !

Since the beginning of this series, the 3 members of our Content Team – Diogo Pinheiro, Francisca Silva and Leonor Ferreira – have reported their weeks in self-isolation in an artistic way. They have explored different themes and concept to deeply explore this world wide situation, and it’s a chapter that’s closed (for now).

This week, they have explored the “My World” theme.


Diogo Pinheiro

Diogo (better known as Pine Eyes), presents a small video of his space on the countryside, by the river with whom he loves the most. It transmits a feeling of freedom, of hope, of positivity – amazing vibes flowing through an outstanding performance!

Leonor Ferreira

In this episode, Leonor presents with some photographs of Lisbon, her current city, with it’s grandiosity, amazing sunsets and a classic touch to it. The soung “Inquieteção”, by José Mário Branco, makes these hit even harder.

Francisca Silva

Finally, Francisca takes us into her world of today: with all the books, her dog, her camera, music and moody environment where she chooses to be on – very interesting!

This has been the last episode of “Quarantine as an Artist”! Don’t forget to subscribe to our Blog.

Here you can rewatch the previous episodes:

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