New Series Announcement

2020 is gonna be a very though but rewarding year! And to start it out the best way possible, we’re glad to announce 3 new series that will influence the way we act on our social media platforms.


1. In The Room in the room

Much like a combination of the classic interviews by Tate and a small live performing venue where artists from many fields ‘work their magic’ (like this one in Santarém, Portugal), In The Room will let you get to know the artist behind the art piece and the raw feelings behind his/hers creations.

A new episode will come out on the second Tuesday of every month, here on our Blog and on our YouTube channel. In each episode, we invite 1 artist to our ‘magic room’ – he/she may be a a musician, a poet, a dancer or an artist from any other art field. Here, in a very intimate environment, they don’t only talk a bit about themselves and their work, as they perform as well!

You can visit the main page of this series here.

2. Silentium Tip

silentium tip

There is no better way to dive deeper into the learning of a specific artistic field than receiving advice from professional artists. And therefore, on Silentium Tip we’ll challenge filmmakers, photographers, writers, songwriters and other artists to share one single advice to improve anyone’s game.

A new episode will come out every Sunday, here on our Blog and on our Instagram account. In each episode, we’ll be delivering short but very effective tips by artists who have managed to build a name for themselves.

To check out the main page of this series, click here.

3. 50″ with the Founder

50 seconds with the founder

Nowadays, we see lots of public speakers, influencers and entrepreneurs telling people the same words in way so that they can sell more books and land more gigs – it’s only empty words. And 50″ with the Founder comes to try to bring transparence and feelings into the satured entrepreneurial world.

A new episode will come out every Friday here on our Blog and on our Instagram account and in each one, our founder Martinho Cruz uses only 50 seconds to present a concept that will make you reflect. As the first artistic entrepreneur, Martinho uses his creativity to either give advice, make an art piece or other alternative way he founds to better enhance the value of those precious seconds.

The main page of this series can be found here.


In Conclusion

This year will be determinant to the path of our ultimate mission – help people express their feelings artistically – but we know that our brand is just at the very beginning and we have so much more to give. Our team works hard everyday to make our vision come true and there is still much more to come.

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