Martinho Cruz

Who Is Martinho?

Martinho Cruz is a young entrepreneur, public speaker and writer from Portugal. He’s the Owner & Founder of Silentium Project. He’s graduated in Languages and Humanities at Sá da Bandeira High School, in his hometown Santarém.

He started Silentium Project in his room at the beginning of 2019, and with it was able to influence the lives of many around the world. Now he leads a team that includes internationally awarded artists to be able to help anybody making a living from their artistic work.

He has done speaking events in many venues Portugal, including some of the oldest and most emblematic ones, and it shouldn’t be long until he starts giving speeches in other countries.

What defines him?

Martinho was always fascinated by the world inside each person that’s never revealed. Ever since he was little, he tried to discover what people think and feel by paying attention to their eyes, words, body language and background and so he has cultivated a deep understanding about the world that hides in the silence.

Although the rising entrepreneur highly values his rational side, he believes that the intuitive one is his biggest asset. He’s a dreamer and is willing to go all the way in order to turn the visions he holds dearest in his mind a reality.

Martinho tries to make his life a masterpiece, filled with infinite and indescribable emotions, and he sees art as his soul’s fuel to do so. His favourite art form is music, but poetry is the one through which he expresses himself the best. He would consider himself a pretty decent writer.

Martinho and Silentium Project

“Out of a special moment of inspiration, I discovered that art creation has the power of sharing feelings that would never be shared otherwise. Therefore, I founded Silentium Project with the objective of helping as many people as possible bringing what’s behind their silence in an artistic way.

More than a company, it has been a journey for me – a challenging but beautiful one. I’ve learned so much, met so many special people and lived so many unforgettable moments, that I’ll be forever grateful for the day that made this idea come alive.

I’m proud of saying that, even after I’m gone, there will always be a big part of my way of living at the core of Silentium Project.”

– Martinho Cruz

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