Pavle Marinkovic released his first ebook

Dec 16, 2020 | News

Our Music Coach Pavle Marinkovic released his first book “How to Hook Your Costumer with Music”, available for less then 5€ for Amazon Kindle, so you can get it now.

Pavle has been establishing more and more as a referenced author on the Medium platform, with consistent articles about music and the way it influences human behaviour, and now he’s a published author with the publishing of this work. 

“How to Hook Your Costumer with Music”

Have you ever thought of using music in your business’ marketing strategy?
Or as a tool to enhance your customer’s experience while at your firm’s premises?

These and many other possibilities first start by learning what are your customer likes. By knowing how they process sound and music you can adjust your ads, in-store background music, or any type of music-based strategy to your customer’s preferences.

Each step of this book is supported by thorough research and practical experience in audio branding. “How to Hook Your Audience With Music” is written for marketers, publicists, entrepreneurs, creatives, business owners, and anyone who looks for new ways to reach their audience.

Possible outcomes include (but not limited to):
– Increase in purchase intention
– Enhanced customer experience
– Stress reduction
– Reinforcement of customer loyalty
– Decrease in waiting time perception
– Sales boost.

You’ll get an evidence-based guide to boost the relationship with your customer and allow key musical elements to help you in this endeavor. Your customers will have a much more tailored experience at different touch-points and this will reflect positively on your business.

Music is a powerful tool, you just have to learn how to use it. 

Our thoughts about it

We’re really happy for Pavle as we know this is a big step for his development as an author and as an artist.

Go support his journey and get his ebook now so that you an learn more about the influence of music in business and people.

If you want to grow as a musician and work with Pavle Marinkovic directly, check out his Coaching services that we deliver. He’s eager to start working with you and get you to the next level in your music career.

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