Announcement: “in the room” is temporarily suspended

Due to the situation installed by the COVID-19 in the entire world, we had to make a necessary decision to prioritize health and safety and temporarily suspend our monthly series “In The Room”.

In this video, you can see Martinho Cruz, our founder and team leader announce that decision and share some thoughts about the progress of the new series that started alonside with the beginning of 2020, and send a message of strenght and hope to everyone who is going through a tough period right now.

Safety is always first, and so we really don’t want to put anyone’s health at risk while filming “In The Room”: our job is to protected the team the films, produces and creates the episodes, the artists invited, the people from the place we’re renting and everyone else that can be contaminated as well. However, once everything gets back to normal and we’re sure that filming new episodes of “In The Room” is safe for everyone, we’ll immediately get back to creating this series, and publishing a new episode on the 2nd Tuesday of every month, as determined before.

We strongly advice you to stay home and protect yourself and others during this period, so that we can go through this well and safe and be able to have one more chance to enjoy our lives with the freedom we deserve.

We’ll continue to post new episodes of the “50sec with the Founder” and “Silentium Tip” every week and share poems that were submitted through our submission program, so don’t forget to subscribe to our Blog to keep up with all the updates!

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