Welcome to the team, Rita!

Dec 22, 2020 | News

We present you the latest acquisition to our team – Rita Valério.

Rita has been close to Silentium Project since the very beginning, as well as we’ve been close followers of her work from a long time ago. After further discussion, we both found out that this was the best time to add her to the team, so that we work together to help people be better artists.

Who is Rita Valério?

Rita is a 20 year old photographer from Santarém, Portugal. Her photographic work has made several expositions and recognized by the regional media.

She claims that photography is her passion ever since she was little, as she loves capturing moments so that people can remember them anytime in the future.


Rita now joins Silentium Project and she declares that what we can expect from her are “dynamic, different and clarifying contents on the field of photography”.

Besides that, Rita will also join the Content Team to create exclusive pieces of content for the poems and songs submitted through our Submission Program, so you can submit your poem or song now and Rita, alongside with Diogo and Leonor, will take care of taking it to the level you desire.

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