We’re Going Through Deep Renovation

This is a positive announcement!

You know we cannot stand still for too much time and we feel the need to be constantly moving, to be evolving on a daily basis; and now we’re going under a rebranding.

This renovation we’re going under will keep us up to date with the new functions we’ll launch soon: the Coaching services and the Submission Program. We will get our social presence wider and more slick in the looks, and we’ll sharpen every service and every piece of content to our ideal best so that we can deliever the quality you deserve!

But that takes a lot of effort

And so it’d be useful to announce that we won’t be able to put out the episodes 21 of “50 seconds with the Founder” nor “Silentium Tip” as of all the hard work we’re putting in to do this.

All the renovations of both the social media platforms and the services we’ll offer will take longer than that, but from next Monday we’ll get back to a more active posting schedule again (and next week will have the episodes of the 2 weekly series we mentioned before as normal) and you’ll gradually notice the changes happening.

Thank you for all of you that have been supporting us and that like what we’re doing – we’re doing this for you and so that we can help as many people as possible express their feelings through art creation and as true artists. And, slowly, step-by-step, we’ll get there.

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